About Us


A nascent venture, Eduplanet is an outcome of the founder, Mr. Gaurav Chaudhry’s extensive experience in the foreign education industry. For seven years, Mr. Chaudhry owned and operated franchisee of a leading international education consultancy. He worked with nearly 200 institutions spanning more than 6 countries. He travelled extensively in India and abroad to attend university organized partner training sessions. Mr. Chaudhry’s track record of almost 100% visa success rate remains unmatched in the region. Consequently, 9 out of 10 student cases were referrals from past students. Eduplanet is formed by Mr Chaudhry with a vision to provide best of his services for mutual benefit of Indian students and associated international institutions.


Eduplanet strives to attract the best of Indian talent to associated universities. It also aims at empowering Indian students to realize their dream of obtaining quality international education. It provides transparent and credible consultation services while maintaining the highest ethics. It operates from two Indian cities: Ludhiana and Pune, and draws clientele from Northern and Western India. The company offers services that cover the entire lifecycle of a student’s international education experience. The process begins with screening of the applicant’s academic and professional history. At this point, applications with unsatisfactory academic performance, unaccounted gaps in employment, or ambiguous motives for seeking migration are filtered out. Each case is checked for SSVF (Simplified Student Visa Framework) and GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) compliance. After confirming student’s credibility following services are offered for the students to realize their dream.

University Applications:

The counselor guides applicants to decide universities and potential courses to opt for based on his/her academic performance, budget and career goals. Deserving students are also guided about the various scholarships and grants offered by universities/institutions.


Universities often require preliminary tests like IELTS, TOEFL, AND PTE for admission. Eduplanet provides intensive coaching for these tests through certified and professionals trainers.

Visa Application:

Visa Application is the most crucial part of this process, as rejection may wipe out a student’s plans to study abroad. Eduplanet tries to minimize this by helping students to put together a Visa Application that adheres to SSVF, GTE and financial requirements. Mock interviews sessions are regularly held to enhance students’ confidence to face visa interview.

Pre and Post Departure Support:

Eduplanet guides new students about rules, regulations and the culture of their destination country. It has a strong network of satisfied students who help and guide new students on arrival. Eduplanet remains in touch with its students guiding them at every step till they complete their education and settle in their careers.


EduPlanet has a highly professional and knowledgeable team of counselors and certified trainers. On recruitment they are oriented to Eduplanet’s ideal of providing ethical and transparent counseling. Counselors are regularly briefed and updated about new courses and changes in visa guidelines. A collaborative work culture is maintained to achieve excellent results for the students.


Eduplanet recognizes associated universities as a vital stakeholder in its business. It strives to support their academic and marketing efforts in India. When a university decides to work with EduPlanet, it can be sure of the following:

Authentic Applications:

Eduplanet processes applications of only genuine students who have a motive to obtain credible education as a gateway to a successful career. Meticulous perusal of the applicant’s background before applying to universities has helped Eduplanet maintain its integrity. When a student application processed by Eduplanet lands on an admission officer’s desk, he/she can be sure of its veracity.

Academic and Marketing Support:

The company facilitates MoU agreements between associated international universities and Indian institutions. This includes facilitating faculty exchange programs, summer school, research collaborations, and exchange semesters. The company also supports marketing events of associated universities in India. In the past, schools nominated by the company’s founder have won top places at various talent competitions organized by universities.


The company is presently working on developing a franchise framework. At a suitable point in the future, the company plans to offer franchise opportunities to selective like-minded companies or individuals across the South-east Asia. The company shall be opening branch offices in Baroda and Gurgaon shortly.