The greatest strength of human nature lies in its ability to adapt itself to everchanging circumstances and life. As the world gradually opens up, we need to be prepared and well equipped to adapt to the new normal. If you are an international student or aspiring to join an international university this year, you may have several questions on your mind. 

Your experience of international education may be well different from your juniors, in terms of regular in -person classes, group competitions and orientations and limited access to regular seminars and conferences. Nonetheless, it is nothing to worry about. It is all about shifting your perspective and attitude. If you focus on the end goal of a great education, then you will be able to take all these little changes and challenges in your stride.

As a welcome step, most of the universities in Australia, United States, and the United Kingdom have now begun enrolling new students for their respective academic sessions. The Universities now require mandatory testing of COVID-19 within 72 hrs of boarding on the flight. This is to ensure that you are in perfect shape and health to continue your student life abroad. All international carriers also now require mandatory testing before people begin to travel. Students are well informed that this will not affect your status in the host country in any which way. If you do not have testing arrangements, then you can also opt for testing in the host country on arrival and mandatory 14-day isolation.

Further, unlike earlier, the Universities may not have recreational activities that usually take place at the beginning of a new session. The orientation and induction programs are likely to switch online. However, not all hope is lost. You will still be able to live the international experience, be on campus and attend classes regularly. Various other lucrative incentives are also being offered in the form of internships and work opportunities on graduation.

International students have always been a source of strength, adding to the diversity of the campus. However, settling down in an entirely new place with a different culture among diverse people from all over the world is enough to overwhelm any new student. In addition, this pandemic is likely to bring changes in the academic routine of several Universities, as major classes move online. You may miss the rush of in-person discussions with your Professors, but it can be recreated by participating proactively in your virtual classes, asking questions, coming up with unique ideas and team work. Social distancing may also add to one’s anxieties at times, and that is why it is important to stay in touch with friends and family virtually, so that isolation and lack of real meetings doesn’t impact your personal and professional life.

We are at a juncture where the pandemic has changed a global lifestyle which may be there to stay for a while. As new international students who will be studying abroad amidst the pandemic, you have to be well prepared for what lies ahead of you. The Universities will continue to bring in international students to enrich their culture of diversity and inclusion. There are various scholarship opportunities provided to meritorious students, which will remain in continuation. All efforts will still be directed at making your education and experience the best. It is up to you to adapt quickly to the changing ways of education and norms of social living, and once you have risen above these struggles, you will emerge stronger and successful. Adapting to the new normal post the pandemic may seem strenuous, but with the help of fellow peers, Eduplanet’s guidance, and support, we hope that your experience remains just as beautiful as it has always been, as the new normal.  

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