Tushar Kaushik
Tushar Kaushik Masters of Food Science, University of Melbourne, Australia
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“ It has been sheer luck and privilege that I landed at the perfect place while looking for assistance with Visa and admission for Australia. With an intention to pursue Masters in Food Science from an internationally recognised university, I explored many consultancy options and I am more than happy with my final choice of Eduplanet. I would vouch for their great service, excellence and work ethics”.
Lijin Thankachan
Lijin Thankachan Masters of Business Administration, University of Northampton, UK
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“ There is no dearth of consultancies who assist with visa and admission in international universities and while this is true, I strongly believe that right people and intention to make a difference is what distinguishes a good consultancy from an average one. I am quite fortunate to have met Mr Gaurav Chaudhary and his team, who have been impeccable in their work and smoothened my academic journey to a foreign land. I will always be thankful for their kindness and generosity with their time and efforts’’.
 Shivam Sachdeva
Shivam Sachdeva PG Diploma in Business and Project Management, Vancouver Community college, Canada
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“Success focuses on six D's that is desire, determination, devotion, dedication, discipline and destiny. Eduplanet religiously follows these principles while serving their clients. I can vouch for their authenticity and quality. I have been overwhelmed with care and concern of Eduplanet's team that recognized my worth and induced me to strive and achieve my goal of getting admission in Vancouver community college .Thank you Eduplanet for providing me such a splendid platform for professional growth”.
Pranav Singhal
Pranav SinghalBachelors of Mechatronics Engineering, University of Sydney, Australia
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“The key to great life is not accumulation but contribution. Words are inadequate to express the quality of such an outstanding institution, which served as a major milestone in my academic career. I want to take a moment to thank Eduplanet for their consistent direction, integrity and appreciable counselling, which revitalized my persistence and potential. My cherished vision of securing admission in renowned university would have withered away without the splendid support of Eduplanet”.
Harit Dumra
Harit Dumra Bachelors of Law, Brunels University, UK
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“Eduplanet celebrates and cherishes success. I have been fortunate enough to pursue the degree of Bachelor of law from Brunel University. It has been made possible with the right direction and counselling of Eduplanet's team, which served as a rainbow for painting the landscape of my academic journey. Undoubtedly, Eduplanet is an ambassador of hope for the youngsters who aspire to gain best international education”.
Tavishi Thapar
Tavishi Thapar Masters of Food Science and Technology,UNSW, Australia
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“ I reached out to Mr Gaurav Chaudhary at a crucial time , when I was completely baffled with number of choices and universities to pursue my higher education. Not only did he guide me to choose among the best, he also acted as a mentor in directing me about each and every aspect of studying abroad and the ways to overcome the possible challenges in a foreign land. I am deeply touched by kindness of his entire support for their unflinching support at each step. I would highly recommend them for all your visa and international education needs”.
Thakur Gurjot Singh
Thakur Gurjot Singh Masters of Data Science, Deakin University, Australia
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"Gratitude is the fairest blossom that springs from soul. I want to express my inner most thanks to Eduplanet's team for shaping my fantabulous future. The time and efforts that Eduplanet team invested in my visa process and admission in Deakin University, were commendable. I owe my consistent growth and success to the right first step- that is choosing Eduplanet”.
Kanish Talwar
Kanish Talwar Bachelors of Business Administration, Deakin University, Australia
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“ If you dream to soar high and realise your long held dreams of good international education, Eduplanet is the right platform. I got 9 bands in IELTS exam, which would not have been possible in absence of great teaching and constant support from the teachers at Eduplanet. The tenacity, persistence and the perseverance of its team is praiseworthy. They shaped my personality by giving me a chance to challenge myself and today I am happy to be studying at world class university, chasing my goals”.
Sidharth Sharma
Sidharth Sharma Bachelors of Engineering, University of Toronto
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“ Like my peers, I always wanted to get the best possible education. My goal was realised after I connected with Eduplanet’s team. They guided me at each step, and were quite helpful in sharing all details about the process of visa and admission. Studying at University of Toronto, I feel fortunate to have had right guidance at right time”.
Manpreet Singh,
Manpreet Singh,PG Diploma Environment Technician, Sheridan College, Canada
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“ After my Masters, I was looking for someone who could point me to the right direction in my career. That is when I came in contact with Mr Gaurav Chaudhary from Eduplanet. He allayed all my fears and ensured me that I would get the best possible guidance. Consequentially, I could enrol in Sheridan college and pursue PG diploma Environment Technician. I am truly grateful for all the support offered by Eduplanet.
ManikaMasters of Science, Medical Genetics and Genomics, Oxford Brookes University, UK
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“ I had always dreamt of dreamy lanes, serene landscapes and great education. UK seemed to be an ideal place to fulfil all my dreams. Eduplanet helped me a great deal in turning my imaginary world into reality, by assisting me in visa and admission process. Since I was looking for a great place that encouraged scientific innovations and had a strong research ethics, I was drawn to Oxford Brookes University. Everything from the beginning of consulting to the final stage of admission in the University, was handled impeccably by Eduplanet team. I recommend them for their world class service and great work ethics”.
MeenakshiMBA, University of Northampton, UK
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“ The first step towards success is getting the right mentor. My academic excellence would not have been possible without the able guidance of entire team at Eduplanet. They offered me timely help and suggested all alternate options to choose from. I feel grateful to them for enabling me to choose the career I love”.
Neeraj Manral
Neeraj ManralMasters of Engineering, UTS, Australia
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“ Little did I know that my goals would see the light of day in such a short span of time. I owe it to the team at Eduplanet, that I am happily pursuing my higher education from one of the best universities of Australia. Excellence, commitment and constant guidance makes them the best in consultancy industry”.
Sahil Nagpal
Sahil NagpalBachelors of Science, University of Sydney, Australia
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“ I had always been fascinated by the charm of international education. I wondered how I could possibly accomplish this dream. It is at this point that I got to know about Eduplanet. I had heard a lot about the excellence of their work and smooth Visa process and I was quite impressed by their response. I am thankful to Eduplanet for paving a way for my current and future professional growth”.
Manish Jain
Manish JainMasters of Information technology, Deakin University, Australia
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“I want to express my gratitude to Eduplanet's faculty for enhancing my confidence and morale throughout the process. Whether it was preparing for IELTS exam or having all papers in order for Visa, Eduplanet team stood by me at every step. I could materialize my distant dream of studying in Deakin University only because of their consistent support and guidance”.
Karan Marwaha
Karan MarwahaMasters of Engineering, Australia
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“ Choosing the right place for one’s Masters is one of the toughest decisions. I was greatly supported in this significant choice by Mr Gaurav Chaudhary and his team at Eduplanet. They shared all relevant information with me from time to time and kept me in loop about every little development. It is a matter of joy and pride for me that today, I am chasing my dreams and studying in one of best universities and would like to truly thank everyone at Eduplanet for their immense contribution”.
Sehaj Trehan
Sehaj TrehanMasters of Marketing, Deakin University, Australia
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“ When I began looking for future career options after my Bachelors, I was completely clueless about the next steps. All I knew was that I wanted to study abroad in a good university, that would allow me to be the best version of myself. Right in time, I was introduced to Mr Gaurav Chaudhary from Eduplanet. He assured me of smooth visa process and admission. Thank to him, today I am at my dream university and confident of my successful future”.
Tanvi Goyal
Tanvi Goyal Masters of Information technology, Swinburne University, Australia
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“ Dreams do come true, especially when you have a great support system. My personal desire for great education coupled with incessant hard work and guidance of Eduplanet team, led us to strive for the best and my final admission in Swinburne University. Words are not enough to describe my sense of gratitude for the whole team. I recommend them highly for all visa and admission processes for international education”.
MalikaMasters of Psychotherapy and Counselling, Sydney University, Australia
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“ Eduplanet is synonymous with transparency, great work ethic, commitment and quality work. I had the privilege of being one of their students and clients. I prepared for IELTS exam with them and they also handled my visa application and admission process. I was more than satisfied with the results, and now I am a happy person who has got what she wanted out of life. I am truly grateful to Eduplanet for their immense contribution to my life”.
Prabal Jain
Prabal Jain Bachelors of Business Analytics, Macquarie University, Australia
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“ Life gives us many chances, and it is up to us to take them as and when they come. A chance meeting with Mr Gaurav Chaudhary, changed the direction of my life for good. I had recently completed 12th and was searching for good options for studying abroad. Eduplanet came to my rescue and I could complete the painstaking process of taking exam, visa application and admission process, rather smoothly as I was being guided by the right people. I can’t thank them enough for adding value to my life”.
Gautam Bedi
Gautam Bedi Bachelors of Software Engineering, Deakin University, Australia
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“ If there is one institute in North India that is unparalleled in its dedication, work integrity and success rate, it is Eduplanet. I have been quite impressed with their work culture and marvellous service to their clients. My whole process- starting from looking for the right university to finally securing admission, was handled by them in an efficient manner. I recommend them highly for their quality service and friendly and supportive team”.
Sushen Batish
Sushen BatishBBA, Deakin University of Hertfordshire,UK
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“ Looking back at my academic journey, I feel content that I was guided and supported by the best in the industry. Eduplanet made it easy for me to make the right and informed choice about my future, while keeping me aware of all the challenges, advantages and potential scope of studying abroad. My heart is full of gratitude and warm affection for this brilliant team at Eduplanet, who were always there for me”.
Niharika Gandhi
Niharika GandhiBachelor of Psychological Sciences, Deakin University, Australia
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“ Searching and finding the right people at right time, is for fortunate few and I am proud to say that destiny has been really kind to me. If I am in one of the best universities today, it is only because I trusted Eduplanet with my most important career decision. I can’t express my sense of thankfulness enough for entire team of Eduplanet for all they did for me in terms of coaching, counselling and guidance”.
Vineet Rai
Vineet Rai Bachelors of Software Engineering, Gaming,Torrens University, Australia
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“ As I completed my school studies, I was not very sure about choosing from the wide array of options for studying abroad. During this time, I approached Eduplanet for my requirements. It was an easy process from thereon, as I complied with their instructions and got admission in the desired course and university. I am eternally thankful to Gaurav Sir for his commitment to his work and producing great results”.
Janvi Chaudhary
Janvi ChaudharyBachelors of Business Analytics, Deakin University, Australia
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“ Two roads diverged in the woods and I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference”. I had always wondered what it was to be able to carve your own path, undeterred by what others say and that is where Eduplanet came into picture. The entire team instilled a great deal of confidence, trust and belief in my abilities to reach out for the stars. With their endeavors and consistent guidance, I was able to secure admissions in Deakin University and infact, also had the honor of being a former ambassador of Study Adelaide. I can confidently recommend Eduplanet for all your consultancy and admission options for international education”.