Visa Counseling

Don’t have time to spend hours and hours researching schools and applying to them? Let us do the work for you. Our admissions experts help you apply to the right institutions the right way.

Once you have decided what and where you want to study, we will help you complete the application to the institutions of your choice. At the time of application you will be required to submit several documents including proof of previous academic qualifications and in most cases proof of your English language ability. We will also provide you a checklist of the documents you need to provide at the time of your visa interview.

We keep you updated about the status of your application by keeping in touch with the institutions you have applied to.

We at Eduplanet will guide you in filling the Visa application forms and Visa documents preparation . We will also be holding mock visa interview sessions.

We streamline your application process by helping you take the right step at the right time so that you have a smooth journey – from takeoff to landing!