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Let your dreams take off with Eduplanet!

The footprints on sands of time, will ask you one day- Have you lived the life of your dreams? Be it the dream of quality international education or studying from the best or experiencing life as a melting pot of varied cultures, Eduplanet will transform your mighty wishes into reality. A brainchild of Mr. Gaurav Chaudhary, it is now one of the leading names in consultancy, international higher education, visa processing, and preparation for qualifying exams like IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE, pan India. We believe that education is the fundamental driving force for a successful life. Your timely decision to pursue quality education abroad can lead you to the zenith of success and happiness. Striving to be a manifestation tool for your excellence and success in the professional field, Eduplanet has been offering its immaculate services and producing great results, for over a decade now. 

 Having worked with 200 institutions and 6 countries around the globe, our founder Mr. Gaurav Chaudhary has a remarkable international experience. He has utilized this wide experience and a set of interpersonal skills to create a platform for students aspiring to study abroad and realize their long-cherished goals. He has thoroughly instilled and inculcated skills through his dedication, commitment to excellence, and major travels by actively participating in various partner training sessions conducted by foreign universities and staying abreast of constant changes in the international education scenario.

Eduplanet has had a track record of 100% visa success rate among Indian students, with 90% referrals from previous students. It is built on this foundation of trust and reliability. The sheer expertise and commitment of our team has led myriad of Indian students to live their dream of studying abroad and planning a successful career of their choice. 

The organization has progressed under the aegis of charismatic Mr. Gaurav Chaudhary and an able and committed team which includes:

  • Shivani Sachdeva- Master of Computer Applications, Centre Manager and Head, Australia Division

  • Karishma Arora– Masters in HR-PIER certified, Advisor-UK/Australia division

  • Panwal Jassar– BA, Bed, PGDMC-Head, Admissions and Interview Preparation

We also take pride in having a team of highly erudite teachers who go an extra mile to coach students for exams like TOEFL, IELTS and PTE. 

Mission statement and Vision​

Never underestimate the value of right education at the right time.

Our mission is to offer resources for qualitative foreign education to the students, so as to nudge them to live the best possible version of their lives. Reliability, honesty, integrity, due diligence and commitment to excellence are our core values.  With this context in mind, Eduplanet was envisioned as a medium for Indian students to have their genuine concerns addressed regarding their choice of education. It is a crucial determiner for career-oriented and progressive personal growth. We believe that the changing context of times will have an enormous impact on a challenging and competitive future. Eduplanet is here to help you find a way that will enhance not only your decision-making skills but placing you in the right institution enabling you to utilize your maximum potential.

With its head office in Ludhiana, Eduplanet has also initiated the process of offering its franchisee to the suitable partners, assuring phenomenal success. Our focus is not only on integrating students into their international system but also preparing them with the skill set that they would require to cope up with ever-rising competition in the world. Our range of services includes catering to both Students as well as Universities. A medium to bring in excellence in the field of education and establishing a path for prospective career-oriented students, Eduplanet is the right platform for your dream journey of success and growth.

We have thorough processes in place, starting from checking your eligibility requirements, holding meetings with you about possible options and your choices, working on all the details of admission application, securing you a seat in the university of your choice, and further, offering you post-admission and visa support by connecting you to the support groups.

At Eduplanet, no experience, goal or dream is too big to be accomplished- we would love to be the wind beneath your wings.

Are you ready to soar high with us?

Mission statement and Vision​

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